Bericht in den Taiwan News vom 23. Juli 1999

Two-star Michelin chef hosts Howard German Food Festival

The culinary presentation called German Food Festival is coming to Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung this summer. The two-Michelin-star German chef Holger Jacobs and the renowned chef of the Pfalz, Klaus Hambel will introduce their exklusive recipe of Saumagen to people in Taiwan.
Jacobs and Hambel, the two visiting German chefs at the Howard Plaza Hotel, revealed their recipe in a press conference. Saumagen, the pig's stomach in German, uses the minced, seasoned pork and salted pork cubes to create an astonishing cuisine as one of the intriguing German sausages.

Jacobs' guests never inequal to his prominent culinary art. Russian President Yeltsin, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and the former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl are all his visitors. As the executive chef in several renowned hotels and restaurants since he was aged 24, and the author of 10 cookbooks and the manager of a cookery school and host of television programs, Jacobs is now cooperating with the 400-year-old Buerklin-Wolf winery and is the host of the Landgasthof Forelle Restaurant.
Now Jacobs and Hambel arrive with the supplies of 10 different kinds of vinegar and the wines of BuerklinWolf. Vieraueber vinegar, made with herbs and decorated with gold leaves in the wine, are worthy of the aromatic spice in cooking and also worth a dip at mealtime.

Besides the exclusive recipes of German cuisine and vinegar, customers also have an opportunity for a taste of German wine of the 400year-old Buerklin-Wolf winery. With 110 hectares of vineyards stretching over the villages of Wachenheim, Forst, Deidesheim and Ruppertsberg, all located on the downhill of the Palatinate forests, Burklin-Wolf produces a variety of outstanding Rieslings.

On July 26 at Howard Plaza Hotel, Taipei, July 30 in Kaohsiung, and Ausust 2 and 3 in Taichung, guests are advised to make reservations in advance for Michelin Feast. German Food Festival buffet and set menu will be well-suited from July 24, 25, 27 to August 1 in Taipei, July 28 to August 8 in Kaohsiung, and August 6 to 16 in Taichung. Call tel. 23267535 for reservation or detailed information.